Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who is really paying the bill?

Surely not Adrienne Clarkson:
Outgoing Gov. Gen Adrienne Clarkson said Wednesday she is minting a new trophy, called the Clarkson Cup, to be awarded for excellence in Canadian women's hockey.

She got the idea from former governor general Lord Stanley, who in 1892 decided to create Stanley's Cup, the prize for the best hockey team in Canada.

Back in February, Clarkson floated the idea of borrowing the Stanley Cup as a prize for women's hockey, since the NHL had locked out its players and the trophy would go unused.

That idea wasn't warmly received and the Clarkson Cup was born.

[..] There were no details released on how the trophy will be awarded or to whom.
HT: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Update, from CTV:
... it's still unclear which women's hockey leagues will compete for it.

At present, there are two women's professional hockey leagues in Canada -- the eight-team National Women's Hockey League, based in Eastern Canada, and the five-team Western Women's Hockey League, based in the West.

Both want a chance to compete for the Cup. However, the two leagues are deadlocked over issues that have kept them from establishing a championship with representatives from both the NWHL and the WWHL.

With no apparent end to that stalemate in sight, Clarkson decided to donate the trophy and then let the leagues sort out their differences if they want to compete for it.

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Anonymous said...

I thought we all agreed that elite female athletes will fund their activities by selling naughty calendars.

Err, I meant tasteful and artistic.