Thursday, September 8, 2005

When seeking popular support on the reserve, wear jeans

Raskolnikov is back again with a excellent summation of current native corruption in Winnipeg. Hypocrisy and stereotyping is okay as long as it is a 'minority' issue:

Apparently “acting like an Indian” is the missing ingredient needed to end all of our misery and suffering. Buy a buckskin jacket, grow your hair, move into a home filled with zonolite and suddenly you will see what it’s like to be an indian.

Can I ask, exactly how different is this from putting on a headress and warpaint at Halloween and going around saying ‘How” to everyone?

Minstrel racism is OK when Indians say it’s OK, I suppose. Ditto for lip-service.

Also, in order to get cred with the constituents, does this mean that the Agriculture minister should don overalls and rubbers, hit the field and shovel shit? Or the Justice Minister grab a shotgun and kick down the door of a crackhouse?

Breathtakingly absurd.

Of course no one mentions that ‘acting like an Indian” is what got us to this point in the first place.