Friday, September 23, 2005

UNMan yourself!

Courtesy FR, from Citizens for Global Solutions, this... ghastly Flash video featuring UN Man.

It's as if some super-smartass ten year old raised by the Mayor wrote a script mocking the UN for social studies class, and it accidentally won some prize and ended up as a Flash video made by stoner interns at Citizens for Global Solutions.

Note that UNMan solves the problem of mean people in the world fighting by whining and then having a party.

1 Comment:

Pietr said...

Well done Mike.You've really earned everyones attention with that,yes,'ghastly' video.
Excellent powers when it comes to 'unsupervised' babies.
Of course, to destroy weapons we need more weapons.
Anyone ever notice how many old battleships were destroyed by the appearance of the Dreadnought?
This is aimed at children.
I can't tell whether the author believed any of what he was doing, or was merely adhering to the conceits of his delusional shield,which probably protects him from reality when he isn't wearing his tinfoil.
Poor fella.