Saturday, September 3, 2005


Opposition Finance Critic Monte Solberg:

So Liberal MP Dan McTeague thinks having the government regulate gas prices will be good for Canada.

I'll paraphrase Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman who once noted that while socialism has failed everywhere and capitalism has triumphed the slow kids still think we need more socialism.

Dan, think this through. If you cap gas prices then gas stations will go out of business because they buy gas at a set price from the refinery. If you cap the amount the refiner can charge the gas station then the refiners will go out of business because they pay for crude on the open market and crude prices are rising. If you limit the amount that producers can charge refiners then they'll sell their crude outside the country and/or they'll cut back exploration and production.
Continued here. Read Monte Solberg, and then try to repeat the Liberal propaganda line that "all politicians are the same".


lance said...

Yes, but the liberals have guarenteed a free lunch, sure it's paid by Ontario, or Alberta, or Sasktatchewan, or someplace that isn't "here". Forgetting, of course, that "they" are getting their lunch from "here".

So really, what does Heinlein have to do with it?

Our masters will take care of us. Our masters will take care of us.

I suppose that if you keep repeating that, well, then you deserve to have masters.


Meaghan Champion said...

They are all the same. I have no respect for any man that won't get a real work in a career that doesn't involve filching money from taxpayer dupes to keep his phoney baloney job.

They are politicians Mike. They *are* all the same. Liars, scumbags, cheats, and frauds -- To a man.

Anybody who believes differently is deluded.

Mike said...

"They are politicians Mike. They *are* all the same. Liars, scumbags, cheats, and frauds -- To a man."

Paul Martin, folding his fingers together slowly: "Ex-cellent."

The Party does not want you to be able to distinguish between politicians who are primarily if not exclusively out to fuck the rest of us (eg, the Liberal Party) and politicians who are primarily out to do as best as they can within an inherently corrupt system (the likes of Monte Solberg, IMO).

Once "they're all the same" has done its work to remake Canada, we can move on to "in the long run we're all dead", an equally stupid notion that is just as useful to those who do government for a living.

Who could argue with that either, from atop a thousand-mile-high philosophical aerie of rarified attentionisticism to principalificationology?