Friday, September 30, 2005

Svend Robinson wears expensive pants

Why was he there in the first place?

It certainly pays to claim hurt feelings these days, especially if you are a politician and a wrongdoer:

Former NDP MP Svend Robinson received a cash settlement of $10,000 from the RCMP, government accounting ledgers show.

Robinson said his calf was cut and his pants torn during a protest at the 2001 free-trade summit in Quebec City.

Public accounts published yesterday show that Robinson received the money for "pain and suffering."
And I cut my finger with the butter knife I was using! I demand compensation!

With a whine and a whimper, the NDP will be victorious!

Robinson, who was the MP for Burnaby-Douglas for 25 years, left politics last year after admitting he had stolen a $50,000 diamond ring from a B.C. auction house.

He blamed the theft on extreme stress and now does legal work with the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union.

Robinson said he is considering running for the New Democratic Party again, possibly in Vancouver Centre, the riding currently held by Liberal MP Hedy Fry.
HT: Nealenews


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