Monday, September 26, 2005

Susan Eagle has your backs to jump on

When Susan Eagle jumps for joy, you can bet somebody else is paying for it. The unveiling of 14 new townhouses for low-income families in London, funded by $1.9 million coming from the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, is the occasion of much self-important official exultation and Liberal homilies. From the London Free Press:

  • A giddy Eagle leapt in the air as she toured one of the townhouses yesterday. "This has been a long, long time coming," said Eagle. "There aren't words to describe how excited I am this is finally happening."
  • "Today really is a day that helps us bring a dream into reality," said Sister Joan Atkinson, [London Affordable Housing Foundation] chairperson.
  • Federal Housing Minister Joe Fontana said the shelter the homes will provide is the basic foundation of dignity and will help build families. "Housing is about people. It's about more than shelters," he said. "I don't know of a child who can go to school and learn well if they don't have a place they can call home."
  • The opening of the units shows that Ontario is back in the housing business, said London-North-Centre MPP Deb Matthews.
One cannot begin to imagine the Nuremberg-style rallies and harangues there will be when the rest of the 4,000 London families on the waiting list for subsidized housing are finally interred in their own social tenements. By then, of course, many of the rest of us who are bankrolling the enterprise will be supplementing the list…

From Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed, cited here:
However modest a goal, "decent" housing does not produce itself, any more than palatial housing does. Be it ever so humble, someone has to build a home, which requires work, skills, material resources, and financial risks for those whose investments underwrite the operation. To say that someone has a "right" to any kind of housing is to say others have an obligation to expend all these efforts on his behalf, without his being reciprocally obligated to compensate them for it. Rights from governmental interference […] may be free, but rights to anything mean that someone else has been yoked to your service involuntarily, with no corresponding responsibility on your part to provide for yourself, to compensate others, or even to behave decently or responsibly. Here the language of equal rights is conscripted for service in defense of differential privileges.

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Mike said...

There just aren't enough places to get cocaine, methamphetamine, and exciting gunplay in this town. Thanks, Bitches.

I think I'll watch Ken Russell's "The Devils"; that might make me feel better.