Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Society of Spartans

Assorted Moonbats

A polite bow to Raskolnikov of Dust my Broom for picking this up:

If you thought tobacco and oil were industries that pushed society around to maintain their riches, Montreal documentary filmmaker Brian McKenna has a surprise in store with his epic two-part effort, Big Sugar, airing the next two Tuesdays on CBC.

"Big Sugar loves this night," a narrator says at the opening over a montage of Halloween trick-or-treating, which apparently is a $4 billion festival for the industry. Over the centuries wars have been fought and continents conquered in the name of the sweet tooth - sugar cane cutting proving to be the number one factor behind the whole practice of slave trading. And while nicotine addiction may cause cancer, it is sugar that is behind our society's obesity epidemic, McKenna says. Like tobacco, the documentary says, the sugar industry strives to denounce that evidence and to this day maintains a powerful lobby. The film even reports that sugar lobbyists are so influential in Washington that one of them had his call put directly through to President Bill Clinton at the very moment he was, er, hosting Monica Lewinsky in the White House. We're told that the lobby even manages to keep cheaper third-world sugar out of our economy, to the detriment of not just the price of candy but almost every food product. (Tuesday, Sept. 20, CBC)

While we are on the subject of moonbats, Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax plans to ban visitors from looking at and cooing at babies:
While announcing the ban, the Calderdale Royal Hospital had said the move was aimed at protecting the privacy of babies in the Special Care Baby Unit. A notice prohibited visitors from looking and talking to other women's babies. To get its point across, the hospital also put up a doll that sported a message 'What makes you think I want to be looked at?' In addition, visitors to the hospital were also handed cards that said “I am small and precious so treat me with privacy and respect. My parents ask you to treat my personal space with consideration. I deserve to be left undisturbed and protected against unwanted public view”.


Pietr said...

Check out Walter Wolfgang at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.
Meanwhile, the sewers are in a poor state of repair; I blame 'Big Shit'.
Have you seen the increase in size of the average toilet-bowl in the last twenty years?
We never had this problem in the good old days before the Industrial Revolution brought universal Bowel-Slavery.

Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight - a Canadian filmmaker has to go to Washington to find a story about large-scale corruption and patronage.

Propaganda arm of the Liberal Party of Canada much? Seen any chicken-hearted so-called journalists selling out their principles for a little bit of government funding lately? Got hypocrisy?

bernicky said...

Wow anonymous said a mouthful - but the anonymous usually do.

I can understand why McKenna went to the US that is where the bulk of sugar is processed and distributed. Not going there would be like doing a story on hockey but not visiting Canada.

This was a great documentary the only thing I am disappointed by is that I forgot to buy a videotape so I could tape it for my economics students and it isn't available on DVD yet.

It managed to be informative and entertaining.