Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Slip of the pen?


It’s not just the editorial page of the Glob & Wail or John Ibbitson’s egregious gluteus-smooching puff-piece on today’s front page; we expect nothing more from the Liberal Party's moribund collection of paid hacks. Hell, it’s not even the way the (supposedly) conservative editorial page of the Post snapped to attention and fell into line as soon as the new GG opened her mouth. It’s how people I thought had a grip on the issues at play are now falling all over themselves to worship at the shrine of the “New Canada” that Mme. Jean allegedly represents.
I thought the strangest part of Coyne's piece was the title. "Jean's siren song of freedom". That sounds like a London Fog post title.

Despite public education, one would think that the fate of those who sail towards the song of the Sirens must still be common enough lore for people who make their living writing opinion pieces and headlines.

Odd seas ahead. Fill your ears with wax, everyone.


Anonymous said...

"We must eliminate the spectre of all the solitudes and promote solidarity among all the citizens who make up the Canada of today."

Sounds like the usual soft, bland, leftist pap, only this time spoken an ideologue who doesn't look like a dried-up prune, or a slack-jawed gangster.

Has Andrew Coyne been smoking the wacky terbaccy or something?

When a socialist babe (or prune) says "we must" do something, she means, "government must" do it, and taxpayers must pay for it. Whether they want 2 solitudes this week, or 1 solitude next week and 10 solitudes in a fortnight, it's all just an excuse for some good old-fashioned, top-down groupthink. Whatever kind of solitude you personally want, no one is going to consult you. Because they will decide (for your own good) where you will go to school, what you will study, how much to save for your retirement (actually it's mostly for their retirement), and what to stick in your body.

When she talks about freedom, it's the freedom of politicians and bureaucrats to relieve you of your property and walk all over your personal life with their taxes, police and courts. Pierre Trudeau enjoyed wonderful freedom, and his successors have had even more freedom. Paul Martin is making plans to increase his freedom even more, and as of today he has a new soprano in the chorus singing siren songs to the poor, lost sailors.

bijoux55 said...

I am not conservative. I am not liberal. That FLQ consorting simpering two-faced idiot makes men, including most of the ones here, think with the wrong head. Remember sirens draw sailors to crash on the rocks.

Do you think in a million years she would do anything with or for you but relieve you of your allegiances and your tax dollars.

She is pretty in a Ted Bundy/Karla Homolka kinda way.

She is Paul Martin's misguided wet dream. She will never be my Governor General. My Queen will have to be the one at Windsor Castle for now. No siren there, eh.

bijoux55 said...

I wonder: Where do the "white niggers of Quebec who have their black niggers of Quebec" of which Madam Michaelle Jean spoke so elegantly in her husband's 1992 documentary, fit in Madam Jean's two solitudes?