Sunday, September 4, 2005

Should I feel guilty for donating to the local food bank too?

When it comes to voluntary assitance, the 'cause' should not be an issue. The reality is that there is suffering in the world and there is a perceived need and individuals reach out according to their values and means.

So, Robert McClelland misses the point with this tear invoking post, accompanied by this image,

and corresponding comment:

Give to those who don’t live in the richest nation on the planet.
A central problem with charity in statist societies throughout the world is determining who to entrust with our well-intentioned aid. Too often the funds are appropriated and controlled by those contributing to the general problem. Hence much of the aid sent to help the oppressed peoples of Africa and also to people affected by the tsunami disaster in December lands in the iron fists of the people's oppresssors.

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Meaghan Champion said...

Did you see where they had not even LET the Red Cross INTO New Orleans during all the last several days that they have been appealing for people to donate?