Thursday, September 29, 2005

Should I care?

The London Free Press reports on London's newest political lobby group — as if we need another one.

Wafrika formed six months ago to give London's African community a united political voice and "represent African interests at large," said [Joel] Morupisi [the group's public relations officer].

[…] Morupisi hopes the group, formed with assistance from the Association for Elimination of Hate, can encourage Londoners "to integrate (Africans) and recognize some of the things about African culture that they're missing."

[…] The group is also looking to organize some big events "to give London people a chance to share our culture," said Morupisi. One such event is a Sunfest-style African Festival next year, which will showcase African crafts, music and food.
African crafts, music and food are going to encourage Londoners to integrate Africans into what? Admittedly, I haven't attended any of the official multiculturalism camps — but I don't understand how this will work precisely. Unless a language barrier bugaboo has caused a confusion between the transitive and intransitive usages of the verb integrate — and the intention is to encourage Londoners to be integrated by Africans?