Friday, September 30, 2005

The Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost

Mitchieville and Shotgun had pointers to ZombieTime. Tons of creepy fifth-hand-Soviet-line slogans, and yes, the swastika just might outnumber the inverted Elhaz.

The Mayor may have found the funniest/saddest one.

Elhaz Inverted: There may be hidden danger waiting to ensnare you. Hasty and ill-considered actions will plunge you into serious problems. There is the danger of being swallowed up by archetypal forces, which you think to shape to your will with inadequate knowledge or preparation. This can result in damage to both spiritual and physical health.
The lore is silent on the effects on zombies of parading around with such runes. Are the undead immune to demon possession?


Pietr said...

One can't help but notice the universality of the phrase 'obscene wealth'.
This crappy little utterance comes from the mouths of the vengeful poor, who hold their failure up for comparison and arrogate to themselves the leadership of deciding 'that which should be done'.
Their first mistake is in allowing any comparison to be made.
Their second mistake is in assuming that anybody else gives a damn.
Their third mistake is in supposing that their comparison obviates the need for universally fair rights, and gives them power-by-sympathy to demand that something be done.

Gordon Pasha said...

No! No! No! No to everything except what we want! Can't you understand?