Monday, September 26, 2005

Protesting the Protesters

Richard of Cannuckistan Chronicles recently took part in some London Fog style fun this past weekend. Next time the London foggers attend one of these hate filled events, we'll have to plan ahead like Richard and make up our own signs. As there are usually ample members from the police force at these 'peace rallies', we too should remain unharmed like Richard and his brave friends. Also see Brain Terminal and Protest Warrior, for similar fun, including videos of sensible people standing up to peace loving thugs.


Anonymous said...

Here's another little slogan (apologies to The Incredibles):

Because when everybody's
poor ... nobody will be

Mike said...

Here are some pictures and video of "Protest Warriors and College Republicans take over Anti-War March", from Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Nothing too exciting, it's just nice to see folks standing up against communist dupes.

CTV said that the dupes were actually chanting "THE WHOLE WORLD'S WATCHING!" as Cindy Sheehan was arrested. Ha!

God, I hate the 1960s.