Friday, September 2, 2005

Pre-disaster responses

Up until this time I haven't felt inclined to post anything about New Orleans post-Katrina, much because the disregard for life and property in the city compels me more as a spectacle of despair and suffering than as an inspiration for the kind of safe-perch admonishment of collectivism I usually like to amuse myself with. Jay Jardine, however, suffers no fear of at-times-like-these generic disapproval and states the stark and rudimentary truth amidst partisan and ideological raptures and ruptures:

[…] no government, army or police force — no matter how well funded or adequately stuffed with bureaubots these things are — have any magical powers to bail your ass out when things really take a turn for the worse.

It's up to you — same as it ever was.
There's an interesting discussion on Jerry Aldini on the theoretical vs. after-the-fact implications of dependence on the state in emergencies between Matt and Sacamano; for example:
In the wake of a disaster such as this, perhaps we, as a society, will reevaluate and decide that we don't want the Goverment to have as much responsibility during major emergencies; but, there is no doubt that up until this point we were all happy enough with the arrangement that we didn't do anything about it.
It's well worth checking out, and I hope the conversation continues.


bijoux55 said...

I was actually in the Preservation Jazz Hall in the French Quarter in April 1988.

I it was a sacred magical moment to be in the birthplace of jazz. It is a tiny two room edifice of silver coloured and aged wooden clapboard, smack within a modern city.

The band was loud with a good looking jazz singer with a bright red tie. I will never forget that bright red tie.

This is one of the oldest, most culturally rich cities in the world, let alone the U.S.

We must preserve New Orleans and respect and protect its people as we would Florence or Paris.

It is easy to donate. Do it. or or 1 800 HELP NOW

It would be a shameful act of self centred self indulgence to blog another word without donating to Katrina relief.

Pietr said...

Shameful?Get stuffed bijoux55.
The only shameful thing is the useless incompetent calling himself the Mayor of New Orleans,saying that aid and lack of aid is Bush's fault.

Pietr said...

You mean shameful like your pre-emptive attack?
I see.

Mike said...

Look, it's the vanilla Kanye West.

Pietr said...

Gosh.I didn't think racialism entered into it.
But I will say that I am beginning to think that the 'story between the lines' and Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged are beginning to show glaring,obvious parallels.

Pietr said...

By the way,Bijoux,I hear that the French Quarter is largely intact.