Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Please! No!

Oh no, it looks like we offended someone going under the handle Ex-Cabelo Marconi.

Now he's set up some kind of parody/slander site, londonfog.blogspot.com. On top of it all, he's backdating it to 2002 and writing in Spanish to ruin our credentials among right-wing ideologues and their puppet masters. You see, the London Fog team were Zapatista summer interns during that undergrad summer, and "Ex-Cabelo Marconi" is obsessed with that one little irrelevant detail. Never mind that that was a long time before we got the grant by a rogue HRDC department to start this blog.

This is all completely unprecedented.


Pietr said...

I saw the 'londonfog' a couple of weeks ago but I didn't make any connection.
I simply thought somebody had short circuited upstairs.
Perhaps they have.
By the way, Simon Weisenthal died yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it has any connection with this:


Publius said...

Ahem. The site is written in Portuguese, not Spanish.

Mike said...

Ha! I guess that Ex-Cabelo guy doesn't even know that they speak Spanish down there, not Portuguese!

I thought he was just bad at spelling.