Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Parliament is a master of its own procedure"

This past weekend, I took a 'news hiatus' which once again reaffirmed my belief that the 'informed' reader is not a happy person. Our laws are made by criminals and cowards and to be reminded of this daily cannot but instill a general feeling of apathy in the minds of those held responsible for their governors. From CTV:

The Liberal government's controversial bill to decriminalize marijuana will be shelved until after the next election, CTV News has learned.

The contentious cannabis bill has been sitting in legislative limbo for more than two years.

While the Conservatives oppose the proposed marijuana legislation, the NDP and Bloc Quebecois support decriminalization but they want major amendments, including an amnesty.

"It's been estimated about 600,000 Canadians have a criminal record as a result of personal possession," says NDP MP Libby Davies.

The government now concedes the bill will likely be put off until after the next federal election.
When you are in the business of managing other people's affairs, individual rights are disregarded in the name of some higher good which is more beneficial to the Parties existence. In Canada, the Liberals have determined it is more important to force taxpayers to pay for other people's children than it is to stop the persecution of peaceful marijuana smokers. We can expect to see an increase in funding for law enforcement officials so they can more effectively combat the evil plant smokers who are clearly a threat to US security.

Hat tip to Bob Tarantino of Let it Bleed who says it much better than I:
So, to recap: the nominally (and only nominally) pro-decriminalization Liberal Party, which has a minority government which is propped up by turns by the pro-decriminalization NDP and the pro-decriminalization Bloc Quebecois, is unable to get through Parliament a decriminalization bill even though 3 of the 4 parties in the legislature support the initiative and the only party which doesn't has no ability to prevent such a bill from being passed. This government couldn't be more useless if it tried.


basil said...

Given its proposed cash-grab fine system and even harsher penalties for growing, it is better the proposed changes die.

Lisa said...

Basil, I totally agree - It is kinda okay to smoke it, but not okay to grow or buy it unless the mafia that we call government approves it and reaps the profits.

My point is that slime bucket politicians and bureaucrats pass laws based on what best promotes a privileged position at the ballot box. Rights are dispensible for the sake of a common good decided upon by those sporting funny hair and silly robes.

basil said...

The Party has been promising to change the laws since at least the late 60's and has never come close. The idea of punishing growers more severely is absurd. There is absolutely no reason for it to be a criminal activity in any way or form.

Lisa said...

The key word here being criminal. It is not the potheads that are the criminals, but the lawmakers.