Saturday, September 3, 2005

London socialpalooza!

Would any London Fog readers like to join me at the upcoming Next London forum? Listening for a whole day to social engineering experts and amateurs promises to be a fun-filled indoctrinational extravaganza — blunted railroad spikes will be provided by myself after the forum for driving into throbbing and despondent skulls. From the London Free Press:

The Next London forum, the first of its kind in the city, brings city residents and experts together for discussion on pressing topics affecting the city's development. […] The forum, which takes place Sept. 24 at Huron University College, will feature speakers with a wide range of expertise. Participants will also take part in four workshops dealing with different sectors of the city's development.

As a followup to the Creative Cities task force, one workshop will focus on using innovative and creative ideas for developing the city. Sustaining the city's natural landscape in times of rapid growth and keeping city youth here after they graduate will be covered. An inclusion and diversity workshop will look at how the city can become more welcoming to people from different backgrounds.

[…] Participants must register before Sept. 16 by calling Jacqueline Fraser at 438-7224, ext, 237. Registration is $15 or $5 for students.

1 Comment:

Pietr said...

The experts are coming down to meet the people?
Oh,joy of joys!
Didn't I say that your rulers are wise and beneficient,and that they are concerned?
Remember to doff your cap;better still,try to wash the day before meeting the experts,so that they don't have to smell you.

But of course.
I don't have to tell you!
Anyone can become an expert in your wonderful land.
An elected expert perhaps.Or the sort that talks their way into a public job in a public authority.
Oh,the mystery of it all!Nobody who isn't an expert quite knows the moment of alchemy that means one becomes one of them.