Thursday, September 15, 2005

London Ontario - a city of dead fish and potholes

Joe Molnar from Woodstock has kindly reminded me that the "Ontario's Worst Municipal Roads" survey is once again open for annual votes. Currently London ranks fourth. We proud Pothole City inhabitants must fight for London's honour! Cast your vote today for London Ontario as having the worst roads in Ontario.

A sampling of comments thus far:

King Street between Richmond Street and Clarence Street: Lots of potholes and cracking pavement.

[..] Clarke Rd between Fanshawe Park and Medway: Major potholes, sharp curves with no safety rails, and patch areas that are falling apart

[..]Wellinton Rd. S between Hwy. 401 and Dundas: Rutty patched, some pot holes, needs major repaving for the amount of traffic it carries. Ugly City entrance monumnets on Oxford St. E , compliment the ride on Dundas St. Yech!

[..] Grand Avenue between Wellington and Ridout: It's just plain old nasty and has already wrecked my friends mom's car!

[..] Rideout Street between Horton and Base Line Rd: Pot holes, it's just like an obstacle course. Patches that have sunk, road work for emergancy watermain breaks and more patches that sink.

[..] Highview Ave between Gordon and Commissioners: This road is a disgrace to municipal planners everywhere. It's in such disrepair, I literally feel sick to my stomach every time I'm forced to drive down this wretched stretch. Please fix this road, or else I'm not responsible for any pedestrian fatalities my car might be involved in.

[..] Western Rd. between Windemere and Sarnia: This road should be closed! It's bad enough we're paying over a dollar a Litre for gas, but you can almost guarantee to spend alot more on new tires if you have to travel this road frequently!!!! It is absolutely a disgrace!

[..] Bessemer Road between Hargrieve Rd and Exeter Road: Absolutely horrible condition for at least 5 years. Ruined by large construction vehicles and only patchwork repairs by City. Ridiculous situation since two new hotels were recently constructed nearby.

[..] King Street between Richmond and Clarence: This street is perfectly maintained by the JLC and Market Square, but as soon as you get to Richmond, it becomes treacherous. It has to be the worst road Downtown, if not, all of London.

[..] Wharncliffe/Western Road
between Richmond St. and Commissioners Rd: It is dangerous to ride a bike on this road because you have to swerve around all the holes and rough spots! It reminds me of roads in a Third World country.

Don't drink the water and don't count on the $3.9 million dollar traffic light synchronization system.

Update 9:46pm: London is now tied with Hamilton at 164 votes. Come on Londoners! Get mad and vote. Consider all the taxes you pay for road maintenance which doesn't happen, the traffic light synchronization system that has barely made a difference and all the money you spend at your local garage. London's roads are worse than Hamilton's!

Update 4:52pm: I was out driving today in many different areas of the city. Londoners will not be surprised to hear I was driving around for quite a while, or rather spending a lot of time parked at red lights. Inevitably, my mind wandered to thoughts of bad municipal roads. I can't make up my mind about which road to nominate because every single road is ridden with massive potholes and cracks, is under construction, and many streets, like Richmond are too narrow to accomodate the buses, bikes and cars making left turns. I suppose we can expect nothing more from a city where even the hockey rinks have holes.

Justifiably, London is now ahead of Hamilton in the rankings.

Update 8:47pm, September 19th: I stayed home today, but other Londoners did not, so London is holding steady at third place.

Update 10:43pm. September 26th, 2005: The road work continues to no avail; London remains in third place ahead of Hamilton. There is no fixing this mess.

Update 6:05pm. October 3rd, 2005: London is coming in strong at third place, now beating Hamilton by 30 votes. A recent comment about Western Road:
I don't know what the city of London spends its tax revenue on, although I am quite certain it isn't anything practical, like roads. This stretch of road is in a shameful state. Apparently there is lots of money to provide services and roads to the 300 new strip-malls being built, but none to fix what we already have, and need.

Update 7:01 pm. October 26th, 2005: London - 361 votes. Hamilton - 254.

Londoners should take note of the following information, as provided by the City of London, although it will not prevent damage to vehicles accustomed to navigating the pot hole ridden streets of London Ontario:
The [sic] report a pot hole please send an e-mail or call 661-4570.

Please be as specific as possible about the location of the pot hole and let us know as many of the following details as you can gather:
the name of the street
the nearest municipal (building) number
the name of the nearest cross-street
which lane (i.e., north bound lane, turning lane, etc.)
Pothole complaints are addressed on both a priority and scheduling basis. On average, most pot holes are filled within a 12 to 48 hour period.

If your vehicle is damaged because of striking a pothole, we suggest:
Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly.
Record the exact location of the pothole and report it to the City as outlined above.
Have the vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic.


Joe's Garage said...

Specializing in alignment jobs for 40 years in London Ontario. Thank you City of London Ontario.

Former Londoner said...

Some things never change...

Growing up near Reservior Hill, the city never once paved Crestwood Drive saying it was a private road. We tried that excuse with the police when caught driving there at the age of 14.

What is their excuse now?

Anonymous said...

London now has the #3 OWR ranking with 163 votes! We've beat out Hamilton!

MapMaster said...

Way to go Londoners! Who says there is no civic spirit here?

Anonymous said...

Read vote #179 for Hyde Park Rd on the ORW London section. It takes a jab at mayor DeCicco!

MapMaster said...

As a public service, I'll reproduce the comment:

C'mon people, we need to vote our stupid clown mayor Anne Marie De Cicco out in the next election. Ever since she came to office, our taxes have kept going up and our roads have kept crumbling.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

London has now reached the 300th vote mark! Were easily beating Hamilton by more than 50 votes!

Anonymous said...

Voting has now closed for OWR. London has reached third place with 436 votes!

Anonymous said...

London Ontario A great place to live !