Tuesday, September 6, 2005

LONDON FOG EXCLUSIVE: Dream Interview of the Year With Governor-General Designate Michaelle Jean

Mike: Shit! If there ever was a language that tried to confuse people, French is it.

Michaelle Jean: That's why the first act of liberation is often using "obscene" language. "Eat shit." "Bugger off." "Yankee go home!" It's shocking, it's not nice, it's nasty, it's vulgar. But it's indispensable. Revolution can't be polite. It must necessarily, by its definition, be vulgar.

Lisa: Vulgar?

Michaelle Jean: 'Vulgar' means "of the common people", "popular". A popular revolution is necessarily a burst of vulgarity. Careful you don't get splashed, you nice people!

Mapmaster: It's like clothes. As long as they make us wear white shirts and ties when we go out, and blue collars at work, we are stuck, we obey.

Michaelle Jean: That's right. The whole code of the ruling class -- language, dress, etiquette -- has to be shattered.

Mapmaster: I thought all we had to do was organize the workers.

Michaelle Jean: Workers will be the leading force but they can't do it all on their own. There are a lot of people who want to get the Americans out, who want liberation and who aren't working. Farmers, for instance.

Basil: Yeah, farmers, health care workers, teachers, students... I've heard 'em all, cussing up a goddam blue streak right there on the job.

Michaelle Jean: That's right. We'll need everybody, even the people we'd call "progressive" bourgeois. Remember we said that most of the bourgeois of Quebec aren't really a bourgeois at all? They run things, all right. But they don't really run things here. The real bourgeois are the Americans.

Basil: So what happens when Quebec is free?

Michaelle Jean: Rid of the foreign bourgeoisie that runs Quebec -- taking over their property to be administered by the Quebec people...

Lisa: That's when you get socialism?

Michaelle Jean: All the groups who fought for liberation will form a government and the task of building a new Quebec will really begin. In China and Vietnam they called it "new democracy".

Lisa: That's socialism?

Michaelle Jean: No. We'll have to deal with the local bourgeois over the next period of time. That's when the struggle for socialism will become primary.

Lisa: You mean that first the struggle for independence is primary...?

Michaelle Jean: Not independence. More. "National liberation". But, yes. First national liberation. Then socialism.

Basil: Can't be.

Michaelle Jean: Yes sir. There are Canadians who understand, who are struggling for an independent socialist Canada just as we're struggling for an independent socialist Quebec.

Mike: You mean there are people who think like this in Toronto?

Michaelle Jean: In Winnipeg and Vancouver, too. One more thing about your friend Duceppe.

Mike: My friend Duceppe? Hey, wait a minute...

Michaelle Jean: The phoney independantists; they use Trudeau's trick too.

Mike: They do?

Michaelle Jean: Yeah. What do you think it costs to stand up to a puppet like Paul Martin? To the big boogie men in Ottawa? While they're taking cheap shots at Ottawa, whipping up the national feeling of the Quebec people, they're all making deals with the Americans. Ottawa is just a sideshow. We've got to put an end to Confederation, that's right.

Mike: Holy Jesus!

Michaelle Jean: But we've got to keep in mind who the real enemy is. And keep a real close watch on guys squawking about "Ottawa". The main thing right now is getting ourselves together to be ready when the crunch comes. The Party must not fall into that trap of opportunism; and on the other, it must avoid that other petit-bourgeois trap, ultra-leftism.

Mapmaster: Goddam professor's talk! Starting with big words, eh?

Michaelle Jean: You need words to identify different ways of acting. You see, the left...

Lisa: What is the left?

Michaelle Jean: The left is all those who want change in favour of the exploited.

Lisa: That's a whole bundle of people...

Michaelle Jean: Overall it is opposed to the right, which doesn't want anything to change because it's fine the way it is, or if it isn't, it should change in favour of the exploiters.

Basil: Kee-rist!

Michaelle Jean: It's a progressive nationalism, opening outward to the world, recognizing the existence of the rights of other peoples as it demands the rights of its own people. It is a nationalism which understands that it is not people as individuals or as members of national or ethnic groups that are their enemies, but rather, it is the social structures that are the problem. Mao Tse Tung summed it up really well. "In wars of national liberation, patriotism is applied internationalism."

Mapmaster: Yes, but you can't change social structures without throwing the whole world into chaos.

Michaelle Jean: True. The bourgeoisie in every country is going to get it. But it's necessary to keep in mind that it is the class that we will eventually destroy. All bosses. English-Canadian, American, Quebecois. It's a world-wide struggle.


Pietr said...

I'd like to hear 'Fogs opinion of the scandalous lateness of the Hollywood efforts in New Orleans.
Only now are we seeing Oprah Winfrey berating survivors at the Superdome through a loud hailer, and Sean Penn proseletysing about the lack of effort going into the rescue,and I have to wonder what took them so long to arrive,why only two, and why B-list superannuated nineties castoffs?

TonyGuitar said...

C'mon, that's a skit, right?..
Seriously, Jean is all over the place with grand nebulous generalities. Ivory tower stuff.

What about nuts and bolts stuff, like patching all the national revenues leaks with a fortified Whistle-Blower Bill C-11?

How is the promise PM Martin made during his televised Grovel / Please trust me speech coming along?

The one he made, after we all glazed over, where he promised to install individual Ministry and Departmental audit and review accounting systems.

Hold your breath for that one and become a blue tory for sure. 73s TG

TonyGuitar said...

Oh, I forgot, Please come and peek at my wobbly beginnings on a slightly more active new site. It's


I'll still keep the reference site going though,
73s TG