Saturday, September 3, 2005

King Canute, I think you'll need to do your thing again

Shaman from enemy tribe tell big chief must make sacrifice for weather spirits. Big chief not make sacrifice. Spirit of water and spirit of air angry. Spirit of water and spirit of air join with moon demon. Spirit of water and spirit of air and moon demon bring wrath upon city at great water.

My instinctive preference would be the global warming “reaping what they have sown” story. The US, having not ratified Kyoto a few years back, is seeing the consequences of such hubris, and may now be stung into joining the rest of us in slashing carbon emissions.
Let's all just get out the animal skins and put bones in our noses and start looting right now.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mike, would you include the various republican pundits whose response to Hurricane Katrina is to urge people to pray, into the bone-in-the-nose mystic mumbo jumbo irrationalism?

Mike said...

Whom do you mean? On the face of it, seeing omens against the king in bad weather sounds a lot more primitive to me.

It also sounds like these anonymous pundits have a certain modesty that's lacking in those who imagine that their political agendas affect weather patterns.