Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Fun for the whole family

Mitchieville introduces us to a game designed to be played out in packed public places:

When you are in a public place, look around and figure out which are the ninety percent of the people who would actually flee the city if they were given thirty six hours warning and access to free transportation. Then look around for the ones that would not flee, who would stay and loot, rape, and murder. These are the twenty. It should be ten, but with illegal immigration, its really twenty. Neat eh?

After that, assign yourself to the ninety or the twenty.

If you are in the ninety, figure out your chances of being robbed, raped, or just plain killed. You get bonus points if you get tortured.

If you are in the twenty, plan your valiant acts of revolution and making things fair by getting back at the evil heteronormatives. Remember that in Canada, our judges take race into account for sentencing and that Karla Homolka has been paroled. So plan your Jack de Ripper Rapper activities with an eye to the book deal and guest spot on Oprah.
The proposed LTC fare increase might be the occasion for a trial run in London Ontario. Are you on Susan Eagle's side or do your prefer to cast your lot with the developers and SUV drivers?