Thursday, September 8, 2005

Freedom of Speech, so long as the university administration approves

The University of Western Ontario is back in session, which means the city of London is again populated by roaming hordes of aimless individuals, most commonly enrolled in arts and social sciences, receiving student loans or living off their parents money, arguing about the meaning of life but not giving a damn about the future.

I'm guessing city council must be shut in the cafeteria, safe from reporters eyes, for why else would the London Free Press fill space with this completely stupid article about football and rock concerts at Western, which essentially effects noone, except a few bewildered first year students. If a recent rock concert at the JLC is any indication of the kind of evening in store for those in attendance, I think I would opt for the football game or better yet, just stay home.

In a bizarre move from a campus that prides itself on freedom of speech, University of Western Ontario football coaches, supporters, volunteers and cheerleaders have been told they can't promote the home opener to about 6,000 first-year students -- frosh -- during Orientation Week.

[..] The director of athletics, Mike Lysko, confirmed the university administration told him his promotional team can't pump the football game.

"We fully intend to comply with that," Lysko said.

Also told not to promote the game, sources said, are the 850 upper-year student volunteers who guide first-year students through orientation.

[..] The ban is the result of a scheduling conflict between the Stangs and mournful Montreal rockers the Sam Roberts Band.

The Mustangs play their home opener against Guelph at TD Waterhouse Stadium at 7 p.m. Saturday.

At 9:30 p.m., the band is to begin a concert to wrap up orientation week.

The university students council and orientation week organizers want first-year students at the concert.

[..] University supporters cited freedom of expression this June in defending the honorary degree given to abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler.

Lysko would not comment when asked if he thought he was being censored by that same administration.

[..] ... cheerleading coach Tracey remains furious.

"It's fundamentally wrong. To be telling us what to say is a bad way to start a season. Aren't we all one university?"
One World! One country! One university! One Agenda!


Pietr said...

Ah,yes. Orientation Week, or Fresher's Week, as it was known in London University(London England).
Poor, frightened lambs herded onto the conveyor belt of the intellect, straight into the rotating blades of tuition.
The blood!
The screams!
Is this really university?
Am I finally here?
And wouldn't I rather be somewhere else?
Let's go to a crappy concert;the sound system is weak, but turned up to pain levels anyway;the boys and girls hang around trying not to be nervous.
"What do you study?"
"What exam grades did you get?"
"Are you a first year?"
"I wish I was home!"

Gives me the shakes.Better stop now.

Mitch said...

This once again reminds me why I refuse to send these twits a penny of my hard earned money.

Pietr said...

Interesting you call them 'Frosh'.
A few here refer to all students as 'Stush',out of respect for the way students are often actually unable to pronounce a whole word.