Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Free Lunch and more bureaucrats

Although collective cash was used to pay for this event, only the dignitaries were invited to the feed.

Via Neale News:
The Prime Minister's Office has insisted that incoming Governor General Michaëlle Jean nix plans to hold an intimate affair at Rideau Hall tonight following her installation, and instead is throwing a giant dinner party, a Rideau Hall source said.

The dinner will be in the basement ballroom of Lansdowne Park, Ottawa's football stadium.

"Everyone, including Michaëlle Jean, thinks it's ridiculous," the source said. "She has, and we have now, quietly resigned ourselves to the fact that the PMO wants to make what they think is a big deal out of this dinner."

When Adrienne Clarkson was installed as Governor General, she hosted her own dinner at Rideau Hall for 100 or so friends, family and others she wanted involved in her mandate.

That was Jean's plan until the PMO informed Rideau Hall about its dinner, with PMO officials saying they had already signed contracts to rent the venue, the source said.

"We suggested that perhaps they modify the contract and turn the dinner into a reception ... and then (Jean) and the Prime Minister could come back with a smaller group of 100 or 200 people and have what would be a nice dinner and not rubber chicken with some over-boiled vegetable and God knows what for dinner ... ," the source said. "We were told no."

The PMO said roughly 600 guests will be at tonight's affair.
On the subject of gorging at the public's expense, I am reminded of a recent post from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation blog:
Our challenge: Go through the mountains of travel, booze and meal expenses charged to taxpayers by hundreds of politicians and mandarins that are listed here.

Find the waste, look for conflicts, identify questionable expenditures. Take a moment to jot down your thoughts and email them to me.


Gordon Pasha said...

Hmmmm. So, Mme Jean takes orders from the PMO on when, where and with whom she can chow down. Vice-regal, eh? Arbiter of the Canadian parliament, eh? Right.

Anonymous said...

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