Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cumpassion in Denmark

I want to be Danish:

Danish activists for the disabled are staunchly defending a government campaign that pays sex workers to provide sex once a month for disabled people.

Opposition parties call the program, officially known as ''Sex, irrespective of disability,'' immoral.

Obviously these critics are fascists who can't accept the idea of the disabled having sex!

Responded Stig Langvad of the country's Disabled Association: ''The disabled must have the same possibilities as other people. Politicians can debate whether prostitution should be allowed in general, instead of preventing only the disabled from having access to it.''
Hey, does ugliness count as a disability? Or debilitating anti-social tendencies? I'm thinking I've been deprived of a little love and tenderness in this brief and passionless life of mine . . . and I'm feeling a little angry. In fact, I feel so bitter I might call a human rights lawyer. Maslow would agree that love is the voter's next expectation to be fulfilled in today's social democracy. Once the state has provided me with food, shelter and security- what about LOVE? Only once I have love can I have esteem. And only once I have esteem can I become actualized enough to become a member of The Party.

And while you're at it, could you set me up with Kate Moss? I hear she might be an unemployed crack whore soon.
One former assistant said she had seen Miss Moss work her way through a 'fist-sized' mound of cocaine with fellow model Naomi Campbell in a single night.
Anti-drugs campaigners once again urged the brands to dump Miss Moss yesterday because of the influence she has impressionable teenagers. David Raynes, of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said: "The public will find it very hard to understand why responsible companies who are conscious of their public image carry on supporting Kate Moss despite everything that has emerged this week when she is a role model for young girls."
"She sneaked off to (take cocaine) all the way through the dinner with Nelson Mandela at the next table. I couldn't believe how disrespectful that was."

"It was meant to be a charity dinner but as far as Kate was concerned it was just another excuse for a drugs-fuelled party."
Unlike some other folks, I am willing to accept Miss Moss for who she is; I can accept her as the skinny, pretty, perky tart she's paid to be. I expect no more of her. And I'm ugly. Help me government.


Pietr said...

If I was rich and famous for no good reason, like Kate, and was given the 'best' the world had to offer(such as dinner with an ancient git from an African gaol),I too would probably succumb to the temptations of cocaine.

The Mayor said...

The wise people of Mitchieville already have in place several programs to subsidize sex acts for needy and underpriviledged minority groups. This promotes a healthy sense of community and allows all of the voices in our city-village to be heard.

Unlike the fascist Danes, however, our socialist paradise extends its sex subsidies to Canine and Feline-Canadians, as well as Skunk-Canadians and Raccoon-Canadians

Fenris Badwulf

Anonymous said...

Please! Nothing wrong with naughty pictures in the right time and place, but I can't access this site from work anymore if you do this.


Gordon Pasha said...

i'm almost 50, can i get some of the "sex with women under 30 for the aged" stuff?

MapMaster said...

And these are the people who wanted to take Hans Island from us. No doubt they were going to turn it into some depraved Arctic sex emporium!

Mike said...

Canada is so far behind where it needs to be to achieve sexual justice that it will take a super-Tommy-Douglas to bring fairness to the disenfranchised in this supposedly socialist country.

Canada needs leadership, but what iron will is on our horizon to crush the persisting neo-liberal dogma of a "free" market in sex?

A recent Leger poll suggests that this is seen as one of the lingering effects of Mulroneyism and American-style, Reaganomic theories of "trickle down" distribution of sexual favours according to the supposed "free choices" of the People. According to this theory, citizens will somehow be "equal" if they are permitted to form sexual relationships with "consenting" partners.

As if these "free choices" are made in a vacuum. As if this "consent" is given with zero influence by corporate American media and the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. As if some Canadians deserve to be lonely just because of creaky, outdated illusions of "choice".

The naivete is stunning. The hypocrisy is worse. Not even the most hate-filled conservative would deny that love is more important than money -- and yet even those most committed to the struggle for equality rarely recognize the need for sexual justice.

Bravo to Denmark for taking the first step of what justice demands be a long journey.

Pietr said...

There is no free market in sex.
That is why all socialists must forbid prostitution.
French kissing is impure!
Sex must have one purpose and one purpose only, the creation of new citizens for the state.