Sunday, September 11, 2005


The London Fog editorial staff, or, well, *I*, has been enjoying the gorgeous early September weather in a world where you could almost believe for a while that there are no Liberals, local, provincial, or federal. Yes, fall arrives for everything, even Thousand Year Parties.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of leaves being shed to reveal rotten bark below, this is worth checking out, a roundup of the blogs of striking CBC "workers". (HT-SDA)

Fire them all -- today is not soon enough. Go back and do it ten or twenty years ago. Then go back again and fire their managers. Iterate. I am willing to see NSERC grants go towards time travel research if only to find some retroactive means of silencing the CBC.


Publius said...

Fool! If you could go back in time you'd kill Karl Marx and the CBC would never have been proposed in the first place! But time travel is impossible, too many paradoxes, as illustrated by Back to the Future I, II and III. So, fire them all!!! Destroy CBC HQ and salt the earth!

Gordon Pasha said...

I'm with you fellows on this one. Surprise! What the lockout shows beyond any doubt is that the CBC is irrelevant to the vast majority of Her Majesty's Canadian subjects. Which will NOT prevent the Liberals from increasing the CBC's funding.

qwerty said...

But where will we find the next Governor-General?

Pietr said...

Speaking as one who has been into the inner works of CBC,I have to say that things aren't what they were.
Half the building is now rented out to commercial concerns, and much of the work still being done is contract work, for commercial outsiders.
It is better than the BBC.
And Keith, I tried for hours to get that picture of Winnie.It's not fair.