Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CBC has never sounded better!

The other day at work I found myself actually enjoying listening to the CBC. The music was great. And that's just it. No pretentiously hip guest artfags slipping on a Jay Z track and telling me it's modern Mozart/Yeates. No stupid fucking phone-in shows. No annoying prattle. Just continuous music - broken up here and there by a little news. Perhaps I merely reveal my plebian taste and superficial knowledge of classics when I admit to enjoying "Air on a G String", Pachelbel's "Canon", "Bolero" and "Greensleeves" without interruption - but, Goddamnit, I actually enjoyed the CBC for an afternoon!

And then I remembered . . . the real CBC has been locked out.

So I ask, why would we want the regular crew back?

Well, leave it to Smoking Joe Fontana to come along and spoil a good thing:

As locked-out CBC employees rallied on Parliament Hill yesterday, the federal labour minister said he'll be "locking up" negotiators in his office until the two sides reach a deal to end the dispute at the national broadcaster.

Well if being in the same room as Smoking Joe doesn't weaken your resolve to the point of dysentery . . .

"I'm locking the door. . . I intend to keep them there," Fontana said.

"Oh, the Humanity!"


Anonymous said...

Sure he can lock them up ... if he promises to never let them out.

The grants to the CBC are going to be cut proportionally to the amount of time they've been choking the chicken on the picket lines ... right?

MapMaster said...

Right! And grants to the HRDC are going to be cut proportionally to the time Fatah spends cleaning out their weapons!