Sunday, September 25, 2005

"But Lisa, that's why we have government officials, so we don't have to think…"

For anyone who thinks the description of modern government as paternalistic goes too far, London city manager Jeff Fielding is here to let you know what modern government thinks of you. Speaking at the Next London social engineering forum held Saturday at Huron University College:

As a community we are going on a big journey and we all have different ideas on where to go and what the trip costs … but we have parents and that is city council.
[As reported in the London Free Press]

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basil said...

"… but we have parents and that is city council."
Jeff Fielding is a flake.
These people are not my parents! I can't speak for anyone else, but my parents didn't raise me to reap a financial profit for themselves and then run off, exempt from the responsibility of their actions when their welcome is worn out. If city council are London's "parents", they are welfare mothers who depend on other's money which they squander on X-Boxes (read JLC) - and then whine about not having enough to clothe feed the kids.