Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wonderland Gardens burns down

It is no more
London's too poor


Pietr said...

How well I remember 1985 on the Isle Of Dogs in London UK.I was working at Ferguson's Wharf with Felix,father of an actress that went on to star in the Shield,and we would see into Millwall Docks where there stood the world's first concrete grain silos,built in the nineteenth century and in use until the late 70's.
Developers wanted to convert the dock into a housing estate(how clever!)but the silo was heritage and had a preservation order.
One day it just burned down.
The housing looks like cheap shit.

Anonymous said...

After many years of returning to Wonderland Gardens, by memory, I am shocked to find the facility no longer exists.
My experience goes back to the mid 1960's when the ballroom was the location of many concerts and dances featuring the sounds of soul music and was a favourite venue for the rock,blues and R&B bands of the era.
Being an enthusiastic dancer and admirer of beautiful women I frequented the place all the time for a couple of years. Open area dance floor, swimming pool and people, people, people. What a tremendous time we enjoyed.
I can still conjure up the atmosphere. Do the names Sly and The Family Stone, The London Set and the Savoy Blues Band trigger any recollections.
Too bad, very sad.
Richard D.
West Coast now.