Monday, August 8, 2005

Waking up from the dream

Kate SDA points out commentary by Wretchard on Nick Cohen's Guardian piece on Cohen's leaving the Church of the Left. In Cohen's case his heresy was over yet another ongoing re-peat of the characteristic leftist habit of sympathizing with mass killers of foreigners -- so long as the killers redeem themselves by also wanting to kill the Leftists' countrymen in the name of some ideology that's sufficiently hostile to Western civilization.

As usual with Belmont Club the comments are often as thought-provoking as the posts themselves.

The classic quote, " some association of morons intent on carrying out a function whose purpose no one can remember."

And that is exactly what it is. Because what is Left buys the image, without the substance. I look around the city where I live and see 99% percent Leftist by default. But most would be hard pressed to articulate a single principle, much less a consistent philosophical position.

However, I would argue that there is a violent core congealing as better people like Mr. Cohen peel away. What is being Left is a maniacal body of nonsensical hooligans devoid of purpose and fermented on self-loathing. I submitted in a previous post of my own, what is being Left abandoned rational philosophy as the first rite of their descent from the pinnacle of human hegemony. With an objective standard eliminated, next came morals, then logic, science, art, religion, being, identity, and finally decency. With no foundation of individual respect, force and violence remain as the single mechanism of human interaction. Cooperation is nothing more than a surrender to primal fear in the face of power ... in the absense of a conscious and resolute will to exist. And that ultimately is the last thing to be surrendered. Because what is being Left devoured its soul when it embraced the self-loathing prerequisite of nihilism.

Hence what is being Left concentrates its sole damnation on its own Right hand for daring to pull Man back to his feet to face the Devil that pushed him down.
Steyn has a recent piece on a similar theme.

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49erDweet said...

Concur on everything except the sequence of Left's order of descent into the abyss. Decency is lost much earlier, IMHO.

And "civility". Whatever happened to the former civil mode of discourse employed by members of the UK realm?
Too close to Quebec?