Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Up in smoke

Fare thee well.

Well, the wisepersons didn't know what to do with this hold-over from simpler times, so the gods made a decision for us. Even Deep Purple shunned it last time through London, despite its illustrous past, choosing to play the JLC rather than insisting upon cramming their aging nostalgia crazed fans into this old relic.
Ironically, I was listening to the Jim Chapman Show the other day and this anachronism was being held up as an example of a building whose future was in doubt because restrictive modern building codes, which came into effect once it was out of the hands of the original family operators. Last year the Free Press reported that the city would have to

Spend about $2.5 million to restore the buildings to code and make repairs to uneven floors, the roof, fire and safety systems, mechanical systems in the kitchen and ballroom and the electrical system.
Of course, no one wanted to take the blame for demolishing the impractical building so Athene, seeing mortals bound by their own foolishness, decided to push the place toward its fate.

Chances of restoring the pavilion to its former glory seemed to fade as flames consumed the ballroom.

. . .

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco, who surveyed the "significant" wreckage, said it's unclear if the blaze will affect two private redevelopment proposals before the city.

"Whatever is left (of the building), we will have to take that into consideration for our future plans," she said. "It's going to change things to a certain degree."

What's playin' at the JLC?