Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tracking the unwilling consumer - Better off collecting welfare in the 21st Century

Or become a gladiator an athelete.

I was not particularly surprised to see that the main newspaper of the junior hockey hair capital of Ontario published the following rot which encourages sympathy with the athletes who are for the time being 'deprived' of more government sacrificial offerings.

Never mind that it is our money that is offered in sponsorship of things not necessarily of our own choosing. It's all about bread and circuses - government approved activities will be rewarded at taxpayer expense because it makes our 'representatives' look good and you have no choice for you will be locked up or shot if you try to run away.

Canada will win gold medals, and our atheletes will be as fine as the Russians!

The federal government has backed off on a proposal to replace Canada's $5 paper currency with a more economical $5 coin and use the savings to help fund the country's Olympic athletes.

The offbeat suggestion, first raised by the Royal Canadian Mint, was taken seriously enough by the Finance Department that it commissioned a polling firm last spring to conduct a focus-group study.

Environics Research held sessions May 3-5 with small groups of Canadians in Halifax, Hamilton and Winnipeg.
In other words, as long as the Finance Department takes a proposal seriously, you're out the funds and just you try to resist citizen!


Pietr said...

Nice post.I suppose the problem is that we are all using Government currencies.
If currencies were commercial,they could use the profits any way they liked.
But because they aren't,we all have a stake in using the profits to recover the other expenses the Government foists on us.

Gordon Pasha said...

Shame on you! Curlers pay taxes too!