Thursday, August 18, 2005

So this is what it's like to live in the big city…

London is going to lose its reputation as a peaceful quiet city if this year is any indication of the future. In anticipation, my fellow bloggers have coined the affectionate nickname Gundon

©2005 Dave Chidley, London Free Press
From the London Free Press:
A brazen smash-and-grab jewelry heist rained chaos on south London yesterday, leaving two men dead after a gun battle and a high-speed police chase that started at a shopping mall and ended in a dramatic crash.
More description in the absence of details can be seen here, here and here.


Daniel said...

But I thought guns were illegal..?

MapMaster said...

I know, I can't understand how this happened. Maybe they're not illegal enough. Must have been Americans, did any one get the license plates?