Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So long abandoned gardens

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Tears were not enough...

Fire, the element associated with Hades, becomes impatient with heritage activists and city council here in London Ontario. Wonderland Gardens burns to the ground:
A massive fire ripped through London's historic Wonderland Gardens yesterday, destroying the storied dance hall and casting the site's future into doubt.

It took dozens of firefighters and thousands of gallons of water to tame the noon-hour blaze, which reduced the main building to rubble and sent plumes of thick black smoke swirling toward the sky.

Fire officials investigating the blaze with the Ontario Fire Marshal's office were unsure what sparked the blaze, but said the historic hall suffered more than $500,000 damage.
Thanks to Fire, Londoners will likely be asked to dish out more money to preserve the burned up site, despite the fact the site was insured. Taxpayers can only hope the city fulfilled the terms of their policy:
While some onlookers charged the city didn't properly maintain the aging structure, city staff defended their security and maintenance.

[..] City staff said yesterday the site is checked twice daily by security and at least once a week by maintenance staff.

Mike Andryc, the facility's operations manager, was in the hall a little more than an hour before it burned down.

Andryc, who said a security alarm was triggered in the building last night, said he arrived at the hall shortly before 11 a.m. to turn on exhaust fans for ventilation.

"I was going to come back later to turn them off, but I didn't get the chance," he said, adding the fire was well under way when he returned.

Fire Chief John Kobarda said it's unclear whether the ventilation system had anything to do with the fire.


Publius said...

What the F***! He just kinda forgot to turn off the fan? And there was no one checking his work? My parents came from a second rate fascist dictatorship and even they had higher standards that this. Lisa, your town is run by idiots on a scale I never thought conceivable in a western democracy. I lived through the Bob Rae years and thought I had seen everything. For your sake I hope you, and the other Foggers, get decent jobs somewhere outside of London in the near future. Unless you've become attached to the place or something.

Lisa Turner said...

"Unless you've become attached to the place or something."

Well of course not, but you know, if we leave, no more London Fog.

On the other hand, there is great potential for us underground folk. I think I will round up all my loved ones and head off to Hamilton - the perpetual smell of sulfur is inspiring I am sure. The scent of the Thames River leads to smellier pastures.