Monday, August 1, 2005

Reality is Real

I found this post by Billy Beck particularly interesting, especially considering a recent exchange over at Ianism. I wish I had said this:

It should be borne in mind that there is a categorical difference between axioms (like "existence") and principles. The latter can be analyzed to constituent concepts: the former cannot. This is why this is important:

The whole point of logic (the rules of thought) is integrity of thought: a valid continuity from axiom to implication. The "individual authority" to be respected is the ability to abstract from axiom (reality) to implications -- which can (but not necessarily) become "principles", depending on contextual applications. For example: the necessary ability of humans to use their minds in order to conduct their lives only assumes the character of a "principle" -- a truth upon which other truths stand or fall -- when it becomes important to underpin its implications in something like politics, when it's under threat. Otherwise, it's merely an interesting fact.

And this is why it is crucial to not merely "disagree", but to positively point out when someone is wrong in their thinking: when their logic is not integral.
I've no doubt the individuals involved in the discussion on Ian's blog wholeheartedly agree with the above statement.


Meaghan Champion said...

Got a hum-dinger post up on Blank Out Times about why "Reality" and "Facts" Are so darned important.

You might enjoy it.

It's like a commercial for "Reality".

Pietr said...

Sorry ET.
Not interested in "reality".
Only reality will do.