Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One year old and already writing essays

There's nothing like settling down of an eve with a glass of good scotch, neat, and Gods of the Copybook Headings. GCH is one year old today, and to celebrate, Publius is using the strange term blogversary… oh, and he's got a fantastic post about why he blogs and, as Kate puts it, a brief history of history:

The impression of many is that bloggers are either unemployed or seriously underemployed, while that is sometimes the case I have felt the compulsion to blog even when by schedule was impossibly tight and no inclination when I had all the time in world. It really is like a compulsion of sorts. Some major crisis happens and you feel a desperate need to tell someone what you think, no matter how unoriginal or uninteresting your thoughts may be, or whether anyone is in fact listening as you talk to yourself. Blogging is kind of like being blind on a city bus talking to yourself. Once in a while someone comes up to you and says, "Dude, your talking to yourself, get help!" Sometimes people come up and say, that's an interesting point, but really what about this...." The former is both an occupational hazard, as far as this is an occupation, and a reality check. The latter is pretty much why I or anyone else blogs. We can all talk to ourselves, the question, and hope is that someone talks back.
For those of you still on summer holidays and wish to spend some (or alot) of that time productively, Publius has also assembled The Very Best of The Gods of the Copybook Headings. I can only surmise it must have been a grueling task sorting through the 874 posts and almost 600,000 words that have gone up on GCH in that past year. I applaud him, I wouldn't have the heart or the fortitude to wade through our archives.
The basic reason I blog, however arrogant this will sound to some, is not only that I want the Old Canada back, I want to continue where it left off. I don't want to reverse the social progress in race and gender relations over the last forty years, which would have come with or without Trudeaupia. I want that old energy and old benevolence that made Canada a beacon undo others. I want to go back to 1967 and extrapolate that line into the future. Not going back to the greatest that we were, but to the greatest we are destined to become.
Thank you for your wishes and your endeavours, and many happy returns to Publius, Brutus and Cassius.

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Pietr said...

For me it is all about destroying the social conditioning myth that you only write for other people.
My blog is designed to render restraint of expression ineffective and to serve as an organised, chronological archive of the things that the filth has tried to do to me.
It is less risky than sending the boys around.

MapMaster said...

My blog is designed to render restraint of expression ineffective...

and I thought Publius' aspirations were ambitious. Someday I'll set down why I blog, but for the moment I haven't got the foggiest idea...