Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Break the law - pay the price. This isn't rocket science here.
That was my sensei's exact quote about that "anarchist bitch Rosa Parks".

Back then I was naive about what it takes to protect society from the kind of filth that would attempt to change our laws without first going to law school and donating to the Liberal Party. As you can imagine I was a bit taken aback.

In my unrealistic idealism, I probably even muttered something about German law, while sensei went on about the symmetry of white versus coloured fountains and about proper bus protocol being part of the carefully woven fabric of society.

I hadn't yet awakened to what it means to be a conservative.


Meaghan Champion said...

I don't think Andrew, who is generally a very sensible chap, has thought his way through on this one. He's definately not the worst on this, by a long shot. There is actually far more mendacity coming from other places.

Just give Andrew some time and more examples.

gm said...

Prohibition is great for the Police and the Gangsters.Great cach cow for both and with excellent returns.