Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If government is business, where does that leave business?

Local Liberals seem to have the same press conference coaches, employing the same enthusiastic euphemism "business" for forced expropriation and redistribution.

  • Joe Fontana, London North-Centre MP, August 31, 2005:"We're back in the business of housing."
  • Chris Bentley, London West MPP, August 17, 2005:"We're back in the grants business."
According to the London Free Press, federal Housing Minister and London North-Centre Liberal MP Joe Fontana was in London today to hone his image as defender of the poor by announcing"$13 million to help London families struggling to keep a roof over their heads."
It's part of a $402-million announcement by Fontana in Toronto to start getting affordable housing money flowing to 47 Ontario centres under a federal-provincial program. Seven Southwestern Ontario municipalities, including London, will share more than $23 million for 265 new affordable housing units and for 390 rent supplements. The money is available for new housing projects and soon will be in the form of $150-a-month supplements for housing units that are now vacant. For London, 145 new units will be funded for $10.15 million and supplements for 210 units will amount to another $2.9 million.
Perhaps forgetting the Liberal principle of egalitarianism, Fontana neglected to announce funding to help London families struggling to keep roofs over other families' heads. Does the principle of redistribution trump that of egalitarianism? Or is it simply that the principle of opportunism with other people's money trumps every other principle? Unfortunately, the Free Press spares Fontana and the reader of these considerations…

… but does not spare us the rapacious insatiateness of housing activist and ward 7 councillor Susan Eagle:
[…] she has some concerns, such as fears the modest $150 rent supplement that won't rise in the next five years. She's also concerned that to qualify, families will have to leave where they live to move into eligible units. […] As for the supplements, she called them shallow.
Oh well, it will just have to do for the time being until every Londoner is penned in one of her constituent housing blocks. Until then, if you aren't one of the subsidized, you won't have any of her sympathy.


Mike said...

"Building Tomorrow's Crackhouses Today"

Pietr said...

It's a long way to the top.(If you wanna rock'n roll).

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Wow, that's classic. Great catch on those quotes.

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