Monday, August 29, 2005

Handcuff me, I am Canadian!

I don't go and gamble away my paycheque every week, but some other fool does and that is somehow my problem.
In three years, Paul Burrell gambled away nearly $500,000 of his life-savings at Casino Nova Scotia.

Yet the former Cape Breton coal miner says he was never once approached by staff at the casino in Sydney, N.S., even though provincial law requires them to bar problem gamblers from the premises.

Day after day, week after week, between January 2000 and February 2003, he sat in front of the slot machines at the casino, where the staff let him keep on playing and losing, even though it was clear he was addicted.

He later lodged a complaint with the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority, the agency that enforces the casino regulations, but it was dismissed.

Burrell's banking machine receipts show he gambled away a $200,000 worker's compensation settlement, family savings of $80,000 and roughly $200,000 from his remortgaged house and personal loans.

"I was in a situation where this destroyed me," Burrell said in an interview. "I didn't like what I had become. I only started coming back into myself when I realized this wasn't all my fault."

[..] In what he considers an ironic twist, Burrell says he was barred from the casino in February 2004, but only after he laid the complaint with the provincial government.

The casino failed in its duty to him, he says.

[..] The province's Environment and Labour Department, which oversees the gaming authority, also admitted inspectors and casino staff have little to guide them, other than the American Medical Association definition of a problem gambler.

However, the association's 10-point list for evaluating potential addicts is next to useless to anyone but the gambler because many of the questions are extremely personal in nature.

That means the province expects problem gamblers to identify themselves to casino staff.
I am a loser so the rest of you have a duty to support my incompetence.

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Publius said...

The infection is spreading across the blogsphere. Keith at Minority and Candace at Walking have both been struck. It seems to be infecting those using the Blogger software in particular. The scourge of unwanted advertising marches on.

Anonymous said...

This guy is so typical of the Canadian Socialst culture of victimhood.

I lost my house and all my money, it's the Government's fault. They should have stopped me.

Fucking idiot.

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