Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Gored oxen make good bongs

I'll watch for this same attitude when spaced-out Bible users are imprisoned or fired for their illegal and hateful attitudes towards "gay marriage".

If so-called traditionalist ideas weren't outdated and harmful, their expression wouldn't be against the law. When you break the law by maintaining that two men can't possibly be married, despite the fact that the law clearly says that they can be and are, you tear at the foundations of civilization. When you deny them their right to make you believe it, openly breaking the law in your Christ-addled state, you tear at order itself.

And what is a mere plant seed, in comparison with the poison seeds of hatred and homophobia that Christian conservatives and other traditionalists sow in the minds of the young generation?

The people have spoken. Their servants in the human rights and law enforcement industries are watching out to protect the rest of us from those who are so high on Jesus that they can't understand the illegality of their actions. The time for your opiate of choice is passing.

It's time to catch up with the Party, before you end up in jail with all your criminal buddies.


Lisa said...

See also the discussion going on over at Angry and the Great White North.

Mike said...

I don't visit that blog -- that guy is a hardcore criminal mastermind who cares naught for our laws. Moreover, he's a cheerleader for foreigners who break Canadian law and violate our sovereignty.

I heard that a while back he was shipping in illegal information from the American organized crime family known as "The Captain's Quarters". Angry used the grains of illegal information provided by this crime cartel to create more posts for trafficking purposes inside of Canadian borders. This contraband was supposed to be "consciousness-raising" or something, but apart from a few junkies, Canadians were wise enough not to touch the stuff.

Hopefully, the RCMP are investigating the "Captain's Quarters" crime family for later extradiction, since the Americans don't seem willing to bring him to justice on their own.

darcey said...

Civil disobedience. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

Meaghan Champion said...

How Bout Trying The Libertarian Ethics on Civil Disobedience and how to deal properly with the state.

"Don't Feed The Bears! It only Encourages them, and makes the more dangerous"

jaycurrie said...

Along with Captain Ed it's time to give a good old fashioned "Open up, it's the FBI acting in Right of Her Majesty the Queen" to hate monger Rev. Fred Phelps...and, good new, here's the Extradite Rev Fred Phelps Blog.

We have those hate crimes laws for a reason and who the hell cares about the 1st Ammendment?

Pietr said...

Well hated Jay.
Sorry,I mean well statist.