Monday, August 8, 2005

Do bureaucrats dream of android sheep?

From the Kill-joy Division at the EU as reported in the Telegraph:

Under the EU's Optical Radiation Directive, employers of staff who work outdoors, including those in Bavaria's beer gardens, must ensure they cover up against the risk of sunburn.

Bavarian bar keepers have been told that the dirndl, generally rather revealing, will have to be replaced as it offers no protection against what the directive calls "natural sources of radiation", meaning sunlight.
Wouldn't a slathering of sunscreen to the cleavage suffice, in the proper dosage in the prescribed manner of caressing application administered by the ardent hands of civil servants of course? Unfortunately, the EU will at some time need to address its neglect of rosy sunkissed cheeks and institute the chadora as the uniform of men and women across Europe.

It turns out Christians are no match for the anxiously erotically-minded and protective arms of the state when it comes to taking the temporal fun out of life, at least in the encompass of their reach. From the Winnipeg Sun:
The youth wing of the Quebec provincial Liberals is asking Jean Charest's government to encourage schools to adopt a dress code banning offensive or sexually suggestive clothing.

[…] The proposition […] sparked debate about the hyper-sexuality of some teenagers who wear such items as g-strings to school.
Now, how are the boys supposed to concentrate on their schoolwork with all those chadoras sitting around?


Publius said...

Aside from the Philip K. Dick novels, it's getting kind of lonely out there isn't it?

Pietr said...

If this was England I would assume a swelling glee of schadenfreude,the kind that is manufactured more in hope than expectation of anyone else's tragedy.
Yes Publius.I feel your pain.

Pietr said...

While I'm at it,is the barmaid in the picture an android?She seems to be malfunctioning halfway through an expression.

MapMaster said...

LOL, Sorehead, you kill me.