Thursday, August 11, 2005

A City That Competes Is A Competitive City

I figured there'd be some London talk on this Something Awful thread Colby Cosh pointed out.

Stimulus: London Ont...cleanest, neatest most orderly city in Canada.

Response: Are there two Londons in Ontario? I think I'd like to go to the one you've been to rather than the run-down, filthy, sprawling one I grew up near.

Stimulus: ... Last time I was there was to work at a BNL concert at Centennial Hall, and from what I could see the area was quite clean and neat, all the streets laid out in a boring and orderly grid pattern.

Response: London ... is a glorified ugly fucking truck stop. I hate that place. I've been there SO many times, and it ALWAYS sucks. It's not so much neat and orderly as it is souless and dull.

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Pietr said...

Never mind the crooked taxi-drivers.