Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Can you help Marc make bail?

The bail conditions set for Marc Emery and Greg Williams have not been met yet. Marc still needs $30,000 in British Columbia land from three different people as surety, while Greg needs $25,000 in BC land from five different people.

Sympathetic owners of British Columbia land can contact a Kirk Tousaw here.

Help a "London Fog Greatest Canadian" candidate!


Honey Pot said...

Oh for the love of Mary! Emery got as much money as Jesus from the sale of his weed seeds. He can afford his own jail. He can look at is as paying for his free advertising. Why should we as Canadians rally behind another one of his publicity stunts?

Anonymous said...

meant his own bail, could probably afford his own jail. hahahaha

Mike said...

Read the post.

If it were just money then it might not have been a problem to make bail. Marc needs sureties from three more people.

The reason that Canadians should "rally behind" Marc Emery is that he has done nothing wrong and yet faces life in prison.

Honey Pot said...

Well I think he deserves life in prison for just being so stupid by taking on the US of A. There has to be stupid laws to protect stupid people like Marc Emery who for some dumbass reason thought he could take on the USof A and win.


Honey Pot said...

Face it, a citizen can be stupid in Canada because we are a nation of stupid scared silly people. Emery made the mistake of thinking that everyone in the world finds his acting like a complete and total moron amusing. We have a different sense of humor than the US of A, they just shoot people who act like Emery.

Mike said...

Pretty vacant, and we don't care.

gm said...

"like a complete and total moron amusing. "

Ya, Ya, drugs bad, laws good, mmmka
Like he was in it for the money man.
Vacant as a Rotten johnny.>sarc etc empty headed rhetoric