Monday, August 22, 2005

Bylaw city

Joe Belanger, reporter of municipal citizen clamp-down record for the London Free Press, reports that city council plans to up the punitive stakes in the pitbull eradication program in Ontario, abashed that the Liberal provincial government has temporarily pulled ahead in the inter-jurisdictional interventionist race:

Although pit bulls are banned in Ontario as of Aug. 29, people who have them will be allowed to keep their pets, provided they are sterilized, leashed and muzzled.

However, in London the proposed Pit Bull Dog Licensing bylaw headed to city council's environment and transportation committee tonight would also require pit bull owners to pay more for a licence, microchip their dogs and face a $500 fine for most violations. Pit bull owners who don't licence their dogs by year-end risk having them destroyed.

"People can always choose a different breed for a pet," Coun. Fred Tranquilli, chairperson of the committee, said yesterday.
I suppose Tranquilli has a point — people can always choose a different elected representative too, but always seem to fail to do so, in London at least.
Under the proposed bylaw, pit bull owners would have to:
  • Pay a licence fee of $130 annually, compared to the current $25.
  • Pay $25 for a warning sign at the entrance to their property.
  • Pay a first-time administration fee of $25.
  • Provide proof their pit bull is microchipped and sterilized.
  • Purchase $1 million in liability insurance.
Extermination by prohibitive regulatory fees — the kinder and gentler society's final solution:
Committee member Controller Gord Hume defended the new bylaw, but empathized with dog owners. "The provincial legislation very clearly says pit bulls are not welcome in Ontario." Microchipping is necessary so, if something happens, the dog owner can be identified, he said. The extra licensing revenue is needed because the system is going to cost more to administer, Hume added.


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