Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The banality of policy

Sitting amidst the relative economic security of the poppy-spangled fields of Ontario universities, two academics have concluded that the problem with Canada's climage change strategy is that it doesn't hurt enough. The Toronto Star's Carol Goar gives Douglas Macdonald of UT's Centre for Environment and Debora VanNijnatten of WLU a free pass:

"What is needed is nothing less than an energy revolution," Macdonald says. "There is a need for a policy that will inflict pain."

[…] "Citizens will pay a price for policies they believe to be necessary," he says. [… T]hey need clear limits, backed up by sanctions that hurt, to change their behaviour.
Those revolutionary five-year plans will never work as long as citizens believe they govern themselves — they must believe in the plan!

However, if a plan to reduce Canadians to a grinding economic recession fails in its efforts to meet Canada's emissions quota, I'm sure separation by Alberta should do the trick.

HT: Canadian Taxpayers Federation blog


Mitch said...

Heck, if that is their "Five year plan" they forgot about collectivizing the farms, or is that their 'hidden agenda' LOL!

MapMaster said...

Oh, that's a different commissariat for collectivization of farms.