Friday, July 1, 2005

Yeah, cigarettes cause smoking too

Are the gunmakers to be held responsible if a murderer uses his product to commit a crime? Is Labatt's responsible if someone kills another with a beer bottle in a fit of drunken rage? Who is responsible for a bathtub suicide? The city, who 'provides' the water, or the tub maker, who crafted the porcelain to hold the water?

As long as "the public" benefits, we've no reason to complain. We are each a part of that public, as long as we pledge allegiance to the most fashionable and powerful gang.

Police in more than a dozen countries have seized computers and made arrests in a crackdown on illegal file-swapping instigated by U.S. investigators, the Dutch government said on Thursday.

Authorities raided several locations in The Netherlands on Wednesday as part of an operation initiated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and arrested three people on suspicion of computer file-sharing, the Finance Ministry said.

More computers were seized on Wednesday in Australia, Israel, Germany, South-Korea, Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Canada and Hungary, said a spokeswoman for the ministry, which is responsible for preventing economic crime.

The people arrested in The Netherlands are suspected of infringing the copyright of films, software and video games. Some of the titles had yet to be published, she said.

It is the second internationally orchestrated raid on computer file swappers, after the April 2004 arrest of members of the "Fairlight" group in another FBI investigation.

[..] On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that Internet file-trading networks, which also include Grokster and Morpheus, can be held liable when their computer users copy music, movies and other protected works without permission.
Making information accessible without the consent of the Party just won't do:
U.S. content companies are riding high this week after their courtroom victory over illicit file-sharing networks, and the popular BitTorrent software may be next in their crosshairs.

BitTorrent, created by programmer Barm Cohen, is a file-sharing program that distributes large files quickly by breaking them into many pieces, sharing the pieces among a large number of users, and reassembling them upon delivery.

[..] "BitTorrent has a more realistic case for non-infringing users than Grokster or the others ever had," said Mark Schultz, an associate law professor at Southern Illinois University who has studied the software. "(Cohen) didn't set out to trade Ammonium or Britney Spears. But we have to be realistic because we know it's used for massive illegal filesharing."

The Supreme Court verdict centered on intent, with the court concluding that Grokster was liable because it induced users to illegally download copyrighted material.

Since Cohen has repeatedly counseled people against using BitTorrent for illicit means, there is little evidence that he has behaved in a similar fashion, Schultz said.

However, there are several factors that could put BitTorrent at legal risk.

Cohen recently created a search engine on the BitTorrent home page, which could be seen as encouraging piracy.
Canadians!! Stand up and listen to Anne Murray and Bryan Adams and attend Live 8. We'll not allow you satellite radio, unless %85 percent of the content is Canadian. It is not enough you pay a 'lost revenue' charge when you purchase media players and storage devices - email and ftp operations must be closely monitored to ensure the people do not share copyrighted or unauthorized material. Citizens betweeen the age of 18 and 35 are also expected to spend at least two years planting trees in the Sahara desert.

If you aren't good enough to compete, come to Canada - incompetence and lack of talent is amply rewarded.
“It's a slippery slope,” Mr. Morrison said in an interview.

“It's taken decades to build up the Canadian content regime in this country. ... By the stroke of a pen, the CRTC is now saying that pay radio can be delivered at a content level of only 8-per-cent Canadian.”