Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Interesting that a group who is making a public protest would expect that permission be granted to reproduce images of them. I thought they wanted their views to be propagated publicly - it's not like we infilterated a private meeting to get these images. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the London Free Press wasn't asking anyone's permission to reproduce photographs of them - nor do I recall 'London's finest' asking permission to videotape me.

Thanks to the following for putting pics of us on thier [sic]
sites with out my any [sic] permission.
London Fog
On the other hand, photographs are the property of the photographer.

I recall Nietzsche died of syphilis.

Update: The above quotation and link to the London Fog has been removed from the site.


Anonymous said...

There's a good picture of Churchill on owlsarentwise blog.

basil said...

Life in public. . . was he addressing Hitler or the photographer?

Anonymous said...

Who can say?

basil said...

"This time I desire to put the question definitely: is there any actual difference between a lie and a conviction?--All the world believes that there is; but what is not believed by all the world!"
- Nietzsche

gm said...

Nazis are socialists and communists are the ultimate socialists.

Rognvaldr said...

I want to say that I realized that the comment I made was uncalled for so I removed it from my site. I am sorry.