Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Terrorists have feelings too

Lorrie Goldstein on the Commie Broadcasting Centre and their bastardization of the language:
"'Terrorist' and 'terrorism': use extreme caution before using either word ... Rather than calling assailants 'terrorists', we can refer to them as bombers, hijackers, gunmen (if we're sure no women were in the group (my italics)), militants, extremists, attackers or some other appropriate noun."

Now, it's not even the CBC's policy of refusing to call "terrorists" and "terrorism" terrorists and terrorism because it would be "taking sides" (!?) that's the most ludicrous thing here.

While absurd, that's been CBC practice for years, frequently defended by CBC News editor-in-chief Tony Burman, who's also quoted in the memo. Like the BBC and Reuters, the CBC refuses to call "terrorism" terrorism unless it's attributed to a third party, or contained is a direct quote.

But to me, it's the added warning from the CBC that, before using a word like "gunmen" to describe terrorists, CBC staffers must first ensure that "no women were in the group" that places this policy firmly into the realm of Brave New World.

I mean, how far jammed up your own politically correct butt do you have to be not to realize how stupid that sounds?

What's the CBC's big concern here -- that using the term "gunmen" as a substitute for "terrorists" might offend any female "gunpersons" in the group? Surely, it's not a concern about accuracy, because if the CBC was concerned about accuracy , it wouldn't issue orders not to call terrorists ... let's see ... what's the word I'm looking for here? ... oh, yeah ... TERRORISTS.
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darcey said...

I wish I would have seen that warning on the CBC sooner - I've spent the last couple weeks getting all upset! I know better now ;-)

DazzlinDino said...

Perhaps instead of "terrorist", the CBC could use something like "people who think different than you and want to kill you"

MapMaster said...

"people who think different than you and want to kill you"
Hmmm... still too "negative" for the CBC. I'm waiting for the day the directive comes out to call them "armed social activists" or "freedom fighters."