Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Slow children at play

A billion dollars a year to euphemize mass murder.

Turn off the f***in' CBC... at the cash spigot end.


basil said...

"Rather than calling assailants "terrorists," we can refer to them as bombers, hijackers, gunmen (if we're sure no women were in the group)."

Politically correct news report: "Reports have just come in that several masked 'gunpersons' spouting radical political slogans have euthanized a shopping mall. Authorities have yet to determine whether this was an act of terrorism or simply your run-of-the-mill mass euthanasia."
Can we still call them radical or extremists? Or are those terms too derogatory as well?

Remjer Xephon said...

It's bizarre stuff like this, that blows my mind. What is the "moral benefit" for refusing to call things for what they really are. The truth has no place in gov controlled TV I guess

Pietr said...

'Spouting' is a value-laden prejudgement of the most reactionary possible kind.
It should read 'shouting'.

gm said...

When the CBC is not using the word "terrorist" in this manner it shows which side they are on.I also think that in the future, the word "journalist" should be replaced with either "fool" or "traitor".