Saturday, July 2, 2005

Red Armbands Dyed White

Apparently, planting rice or digging ditches in Asia, Africa, and South America, constitutes service to the United States - but preparing oneself for a productive career, does not. Teaching our own illiterates in hillbilly regions or city slums, constitutes service to the United States - but going to college does not. Teaching retarded children to weave baskets, constitutes service to the United States - but acquiring a Ph.D. does not.

Isn't the unnamed principle clear? Developing yourself into a productive, ambitious, independent person, is not regarded as a value to the United States; turning yourself into an abject sacrifical animal, is.

Ayn Rand - "The Wreckage of the Consensus", published in "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal"

John Casselman turned his house into a massive awareness-raiser for the issue of global poverty.

Londoner John Casselman's four-storey house was wrapped in white material last night, but this was not the work of toilet-papering pranksters.

Casselman, 25, circled his home with a banner to coincide with today's Global White Band Day, when people around the world have been asked to wear white bracelets that read Make Poverty History.

The bracelets are part of an international campaign to raise awareness about global poverty leading up to tomorrow's Live 8 concerts and next week's summit of the Group of 8 (G-8) major industrial nations in Scotland.

"I don't have millions of dollars to give to eradicate poverty, but I did have $100 to put this banner together," Casselman said.

"Hopefully, that $100 will make more people turn their eyes to the G-8 summit and eventually bring more money into fighting poverty."

The political science grad said he wanted to buy some of the rubber bracelets, but found many local retailers and the website at were sold out.
Does Casselman know he is supporting sweatshops with the purchase of a poverty promoting bracelet:
FASHIONABLE wristbands worn by pop stars, actors, top athletes and celebrities to publicise the Make Poverty History campaign are produced in appalling "slave labour" conditions, damning evidence has revealed.

Chinese factory workers producing the white rubber bracelets are forced to toil in conditions that violate Chinese law and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) set up to establish international standards for working conditions.

The revelations are laid bare in sensitive "ethical audits" of factories that make the must-have fashion accessories for the national Make Poverty History campaign begun by a partnership of over 400 charities.
Charities however, are not welcome at Live 8:
Collecting food for the homeless and hungry is taking a back seat to poverty in Africa as organizers for Saturday’s Live 8 concert ban charities from collecting donations at the event.

Organizers have said local fundraising could “dilute the focus” of the concerts, which includes encouraging the world’s G8 leaders to eliminate the debt currently owed by African countries.

“That decision came right from Sir *Bob* *Geldof*, himself,” said Live 8 spokeswoman Katherine Holmes, referring to the Irish rocker fronting the Live 8 concerts.
Appalling hypocrisy from Irish Rockers who do not pay taxes.


darcey said...

Hard to maintain the postive side of this when all this other stuff keeps popping out! I hope thye have some success. Did you also know that the "stars" are recieving "gifts" in excess of 12g's US to perform? Far cry from free.

Pietr said...

Got my hair cut today. The barber had set up a TV in the waiting area so people could watch.
I couldn't bear to watch.What I heard ade me cringe;and that wsa just the 'music'.
What a festering pile of shit the whole con-trick is.

gm said...

I bet no one is going to mention that the problem with Africa is people like Mugabe.

Pietr said...

I found Casselman's words touching.
Especially the part where he talks about 'our' graduates being 'devoted' to the 'problems' of the Turd World.
Perhaps these graduates of 'ours' could be offered several chances to affirm,before finally being sent out in ankle irons.
Also in the holds of ships!Like slavery in reverse!