Tuesday, July 5, 2005

People might recognize me, so I'll hide and drive directly to the CBC

Karla Homolka is in hiding today after losing her would-be media pursuers yesterday by hiding on the floor of a minivan as it left her prison home.
And the minivan's destination was the CBC headquarters:
She was so eager to get her message out, she had her prison's red Dodge Caravan transport her to the garage of the public broadcaster before she even visited her mother, Dorothy, who is in Montreal.

"I like to keep things private, but that's not possible," she said in accented but smooth French, picked up during her years of incarceration in Quebec. "So I decided with my lawyer that it's the best thing to do, because I don't want to be hunted down.

[..] Ms. Homolka appears to be eager to be accepted into Quebec society, which she has repeatedly said she considers more tolerant than the rest of Canada. She insisted on having her recent court hearings in French, and chose a French-language media outlet to make her first public pronouncements because she considers anglophones more hostile to her, she said.

Karla's fluent bilingualism might lead to a public service position. Coming soon to a municipality near you.