Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Laws of the Jungle

I found Allen Thornton's Laws of the Jungle through Jay Jardine who found it through Billy Beck. The pedigree of links may have been somewhat bastardized at this point, but it's a very good read still.

The state was invented for me, to make me happier, but a funny thing has happened: If I don't want this invention, people are outraged. No one calls me unpatriotic for refusing to buy a light bulb. If I don't choose to spend my money on a radio, no one says that I'm immoral. Why should anarchy upset everyone?


Pietr said...

Laws of the Jungle.
Lots of good polemic about the essential ridiculousness of being govenred.
But anarchy fails to address the issue of Justice.
At the very least you would need to possess territorial legal definitions(laws),even though yoou might employ private police;all such police in a territory would need to follow the same law.

MapMaster said...

That the state is an artificial contrivance rather than a given makes for a good starting point for these kinds of debates.